First Timers

Guideline 1

There are no steps to follow.

Guideline 2

On the Open Floor we shift from speaking with words to speaking with movement.  It makes for very creative conversations.

Guideline 3

If you have no idea what to do, try something below: 

  • Stay  As with any meditation practice, distractions happen – expect them. Just gently bring your attention back to movement. 
  • Pace yourself  No matter what the rest of the room is doing, listen to your body. If you relax in the beat, like a swimmer treading water, you’ll refuel.
  • Stretch yourself  If you always keep to yourself, include someone else in your dance. If you prefer dancing with a partner, try going solo. Slow down. Speed up. Experiment. Break a habit. Imitate somebody and see how it feels. Create your own remix of others' moves.  
  • It’s not about the music  We use music to catalyze movement. Love it or hate it, how you respond is up to you. Use everything as fuel for your dance.  
  • Don't give up  We all hit patches of fatigue, boredom, shyness, frustration, or discomfort. Even if you can only wiggle a finger or nod your head to the beat, stay with it until something changes. Most often, it will. 
  • Enjoy yourself  Excessive seriousness will slow you down.