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L.E.A.D is an embodied leadership program designed for years 10, 11 and 12 students to prepare them for VCE and the transition into adult hood. Our programs equip students with real life, practical leadership and communication skills to deal with the curveballs that life throws at us and empowers them to stand up and achieve their greatest potential. All of our programs are experiential based (activity based learning) and are delivered for young people by young people.


We believe that true leadership comes from the inside out. Leading ourselves with integrity is the first step to becoming impactful leaders of our communities, our countries and our world.


All of our programs are underlined with a body focused approach. We use embodiment resources remixed from Open Floor Movement Practice and facilitated processes from the Group Work Institute, to enable young people to create meaningful lives. We see each person as a holistic system. That our emotional, mental and physical bodies are all interconnected and that developing a relationship with each of these systems is an essential part in becoming an impactful leader.


Developing skills in mindfulness and self-awareness is at the heart of successful leadership. We believe that strengthening our emotional intelligence enables us to create positive relationships with ourselves and others. This enables students to become courageous, compassionate, empathetic leaders in their community’s.


In an increasingly globalised world, we are only a click away from billions of others. Social media and the internet can lead people down a rabbit whole of disconnection and division between cultures, races and religions. Supporting young people to create innovative solutions to overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges are some of our biggest tasks at hand today. We support students to learn to share knowledge and inspire them to build the bridge of cross-cultural divide. Listening to other perspectives is our greatest tool to overcoming conflict and realising that we are more alike than we are different.

Program Benefits

·      Developing Emotional intelligence

·      Developing Emotional Resilience

·      Group building

·      Creating Supportive Network

·      Fun and Empowering Experience

·      Positive self-image

·      Stress and anxiety reduction

·      Overcoming depression

·      Increased physical health and fitness

·      Social inclusion

·      Becoming comfortable to express ourselves

·      Developing mindfulness

·      Increase Creativity

·      Embracing Diversity

·      Listening and respecting each other

·      Awareness of World Issues

·      Creating Solutions for a more connected Sustainable world