Like the tree that puts roots deep into clay, each of us needs the anchor of belonging in order to bend with the storms and reach towards the light
— John O'Donohue

Founders & Facilitators


Jake Potter

Co-Founder & Facilitator

I have a profound love for the medicine of movement and dance. I dance to uncover the wisdom of my body, to move from fixed to fluid, to embrace change and become more awake. The dance dares me to show up as I am physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I honour uniqueness and diversity in my work, and am always seeking to expand my capacity to experience the fullness of humanity. I am an internationally accredited Open Floor Movement Teacher and received a certificate in Integral Leadership whilst living and teaching Open Floor Movement Practice at the Esalen Institute in California, USA. I am a current student of Integrative Psychotherapy and I thrive to inspire others to live an embodied, resourced, heart centred life.


Henry Fowkes

Co-Founder & Facilitator

With diverse cultural roots, facilitating and engaging with people has always felt like my home base. I stumbled across my love of movement and dance on my own healing journey. Practicing the art of getting out of the way in my own dance, and as a facilitator, is my greatest teacher. I am constantly blown away by the magic that happens when we gather in groups. I have a deep passion for working with young people and have facilitated workshops with over 6,000 of them over the past decade. I'm an internationally accredited Open Floor Movement Teacher and Associate Facilitator at The Groupwork Institute; definitely standing on the shoulders of some incredible teachers!



We believe that true fulfilment comes from the inside-out. Leading ourselves with integrity is the first step to becoming impactful leaders of our communities, our countries and our world


Our Supporters

In 2016 we were blessed to have launched a crowd funding campaign for the birth of Common Roots. We raised $5500 from 60 people from all over the globe... Australia, United States, France, Belgium, England, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia & Mexico. This project would not have been possible without the contribution of these incredibly generous people.

We want to give out a special thank you to the following people who made a considerable contribution to the birth of Common Roots.

 Mads Francis - Margaret Wagner - Karyn Gartner - Kamla Sufi - Open Floor International

we support people to Discover Our Common Roots And Come Home To The Heart of our Humanity


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