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Tribal Moves is a lively mindfulness based movement program, facilitated for high school students. The group is guided  through a fun and vibrant embodied exploration, developing  students ability to be more mindful, self-aware and self-expressive.

Using the Open Floor Movement Practice we create an safe environment for students to connect with each other, and express themselves through movement and art. About Open Floor

Students will come away with:

·      fun and empowering experience

·      Increased focus and attention

·      Positive self-image

·      Stress and anxiety reduction

·      Overcoming depression

·      Increased physical health and fitness

·      Social inclusion

·      Developing Emotional Resilience

·      Becoming comfortable to express ourselves

·      Developing mindfulness

·      Increase Creativity

·      Embracing Diversity

·      Listening and respecting each other

(This program can be tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information).

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All programs are tailored to the students’ needs.... in classes such as: Physical Education, Religious Education, Dance Drama and the Arts)



“... there was plenty of opportunity for self-expression and heaps of fun, as the students tapped into their individual energy and experienced the dynamic energy of the group. The session finished with a wonderful mindfulness meditation, which was a gift of deep relaxation. The students appreciated the whole session and felt relaxed and energized by it." Jane MacDonald, Guilford Young College.